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Demo Derby

Saturday, July 20th 8:00pm

Inspection at 4pm

4H/FFA Livestock Shows

Dairy                                     Wed July 17th @ 4pm

Swine                                   Wed July 17th @ 7:00pm

Goat                                      Thur July 18th @ 10am

Sheep                                   Thur July 18th @ 3pm

Dairy Beef                            Thur July 18th @ 5pm

Beef Showmanship/Market

Steers                                      Thur July 18th @ 6pm

Breeding Beef                          Fri Juy 19th @  9am 

4-H/FFA Livestock Sale         Fri  July 19th @ 7pm

Cloverbuds' Bucket Babies    Sat July 20th @ 10am


Friday, July 19th 8:00pm

Donkey Races

Wednesday, July 17th 8:00pm

Come Join the Family Fun!!!

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